script agency



For all submissions applies: We give everyone a chance. Quality is the key!

We focus on fiction and everything above and beneath.
For example: novels, crime and mystery, fantasy, romance, humour, women’s fiction, historical, young adults, children’s books, …

What we, unfortunately, can’t accept are poetry or short stories.

If you want to send us your material, please do so via email only.
You can submit your work to: script(at)

We require the following information (in English or German) about your book/script to have you as a client and to be able to do our best for all partners:

We need to know:
• which agency, producer or publisher you have already offered your book/script to.
• the full name, date of birth, address, E-Mail address and short CV of the author.

Please also submit the following:

For books
• title and genre of the story.
• exposé (max. 5 pages).
• an extract or alternatively the first two chapters of the book (20-50 pages).
• detailed description of the main characters.
• unique selling point (USP) of your book (max. 3 sentences).

For screenplays
• title and genre of the story.
• pitch of the script (max. 3 sentences).
• synopsis (your story on one page in A4 format) and treatment (20-30 pages).
• detailed description of the main characters and one dialogue.
• unique selling point (USP) of your script (max. 3 sentences).

We operate on a commission basis, so you are only charged if we successfully find a buyer for your work, in which case a commission fee of the industry-standard will apply.
We review every request – however, if you have not heard back from us three months after sending in your material, please consider us not interested.