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SEMMELBLOND script agency is an international literary and script agency with focus on publishing but also catering to film, TV and new media.
As a mediator between the author and the publisher/producer we specialize in contract negotiation, project development and execution as well as invoicing. We support our authors in the creative process and connect them to the worlds of publishing and production. Active acquisition of jobs for our authors and screenwriters as well as support in the resolution of conflicts are part of our service.

SEMMELBLOND was founded to cater to the ever increasing demand of authors and scriptwriters to create for and publish in all branches of media. We help the author navigate the financial and contractual challenges that arise from working across different countries. We cooperate with publishing houses, literary agencies, producers and colleagues worldwide – especially in Russia, France, Poland, UK and Spain. Our team of professionals works closely with the author to find the best suitable publishing house or production partner for his/her specific book or screenplay.

Meet the team

Catherine Fuhg
CatherineFuhgCatherine is a published author and scriptwriter. She graduated from film school in Tel Aviv in 1986. She worked in Los Angeles, Paris and Tel Aviv as an assistant director and editor before moving to Dresden, Germany, where she worked as director and author. Her first novel „Ah si j’étais goy“ has been published by Éditions Plon, Paris. She works as an editor and translator for various publishing houses, writes screenplays for film and TV and lectures on script development. Catherine lives and works in Paris and represents our agency in France. For more information you can also visit Catherine’s website.

Uwe Philipp
Uwe PhilippUwe is one of the founders of the agency. He is ‘Waiting for G …’ the next big multimedia thing and especially the producer for it. ‘My first recollectible reading experience: the tomes of Liselotte Welskopf-Henrich and a description of our solar system, when tied to the bed during a pneumonia – back then borrowed by my mother from the local library Arnsdorf.’ He has been working in European media and media education.

Steffi Braun – currently on maternity leave –
Steffi BraunSteffi studied Media studies and book publishing in Erlangen, Germany and Tokio, Japan. In 2007, she moved to London to work as a production assistant and coordinator in film and television, overseeing diverse film projects ranging from feature films to music shoots. After four years in the London media and arts sector, she moved back to Dresden in 2011 to work as a project developer, translator and project manager. She joined the Semmelblond-team as a literary and international film rights agent in 2012.

Hans-Georg Liebezeit
Hans Georg LiebezeitHans studied Spanish Philology and History at TU Dresden, with focus on Latin-American literature. 2008/09 he lived in Córdoba, Argentina, where he took classes in journalism. At Semmelblond, he is in charge of the spanish-language book markets. German authors as well as newcomers on the literary field, will further find a dedicated agent in Hans.

Iwa Pawlak
IwaPawlak Based in Saint Petersburg, Iwa represents our agency in the Russian and Polish book markets. Having studied journalism and social communications at Warsaw university, the native Pole worked with polish cultural magazines as well as weeklies such as “Art&Business” and “Przekroj”. Iwa is responsible for the communication with our Russian and Polish publishing partners and authors and is our exclusive foreign rights agent for these territories.