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Successful days in Frankfurt


Also this year our agency Semmelblond was represented at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Packed with a lot of catalogues, text samples and exposes.

It was the 67. Book Fair, the biggest event in the publishing scene with more than 1.700 exhibitors. We have many intersting and revealing talks with great contact persons and scouts and return not only with new ideas and new contacts but also aching feet.

We want to say thank you to all the collegues and remain with Semmelblond greetings.




Introducing: Irenosen Okojie


We proudly present Irenosen Okojie. She expands our list of authors recently and is the rising star in the literary scene of Great Britain! Born in Nigeria, she moved to England when she was eight years old. Her African roots she shows in her debut novel Butterfly Fish. It’s about the photographer Joy, who gets an inheritage from her mother: a unique brass warrior’s head from the nineteenth century kingdom of Benin. Her search for the origin of the brass takes her in the depths of dark family secrets. The highly detailed and vividly told story shows the genius play of speech from Irenosen Okojie. We are glad to represent the prize-winning bestseller author also with her second book Speak Gigantular, a short story collection with erotic, disturbing and gripping narrations. Warm welcome to our agency!

Bienvenidos Andrés Trapiello

Andrès TrapielloOff to pastures new: For the last couple of months, we have worked on tapping into the Spanish-speaking market and have landed one of the most exciting Spanish authors: the wonderful Andrés Trapiello. The novels Al morir Don Quijote and El final de Sancho Panza y otras suertes will be represented by our agency. Al morirAndrés Trapiello is one of the most prominent Spanish authors and columnists. As an acknowledged expert on Cervantes, his novel Al morir Don Quijote, which was published in 2005, entertainingly picks up the story of the fancy squire and his famous sidekick. Distinguished by the Fundación Manuel Larra and awarded with the European literary award Madeleine Zepter, the sequel to this loving homage El final de Sancho Panza y otras suertes, was published in 2014.

Time flies

…and the two most important book fairs of the spring have come and gone. As usual, it has been a thrilling and wonderful experience – the London and Leipzig book fairs again charmed us with their very own unique atmosphere. But we shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

Impressions from Leipzig

Impressions from London

Spring is near…

LBM16_LeipzigLiest_rgb… and this means Leipzig book fair is just around the corner. Can you think of a better opportunity to meet with book lovers and book industry experts than at one of the most enjoyable book fairs in Germany? Having a good look at our very tight schedule with almost 30 meetings crammed into two days, our answer would be “no”. Even though we will be super busy, jogging from one publisher to the next, we do hope to get the chance to enjoy some of the nice vibe and atmosphere of the place. Our office will be closed during the entirety of the fair and we will only be available via email in urgent cases. On Monday 21st March, everything will be back to business as usual.