There’s always a story behind it…


We support and place authors and their works for literature, film and other media. We also arrange translation rights for international authors, publishing houses and agencies.

We use our experience to offer your works and their copyrights in the best possible way, to arrange the related organisational and contractual matters with publishers, producers etc. and find individual solutions for you.

I love Jane Austen and Stefan Zweig – like adventurous musicals about our matriarchal future.

My first recollectible reading experience:
the tomes of Liselotte Welskopf-Henrich

I believe there is no better match than a good book with a good coffee.

According to Novalis, our life should be a novel – not constituted, but made by ourselves – and I think that’s beautiful.

We regularly offer internships (currently online). The minimum period is 2 months. Please apply by email with the usual documents.



Authors we represent:

  • Shobhan Bantwal
  • Ilya Boyashov
  • Melanie Brandl
  • Peter Burnett
  • Juan Pablo Cossutta
  • Shome Dasgupta
  • Mona Dash
  • Larysa Denysenko
  • Gabriella Falana
  • Simone Falk
  • Iryna Fingerowa
  • Catherine Fuhg
  • Fabian Grimm
  • Thomas Götze
  • Mario Haumann
  • Paulina Hendel
  • Daniel Hunziker
  • Kanza Javed
  • Niv Kaplan
  • Matthias Kohm
  • Przemek Kossakowski
  • Malgorzata & Michal Kuźmińscy
  • Wojciech Kuczok
  • Gabriel Lencina
  • Markéta Lukášková
  • Jürgen Magister
  • Yehudit Kafri Meiri
  • Menahem Misgav
  • Satyarth Nayak
  • Nik Nanos
  • Irenosen Okojie
  • Lukasz Orbitowski
  • Aram Pachyan
  • Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina
  • Saeida Rouass
  • Irene Rozdobudko
  • Dmitry Rus
  • Christian Schleifer
  • Taiye Selasi
  • Selina Sen
  • Maik Siegel
  • James Silvester
  • Juan Simeran
  • Brian Jabas Smith
  • Natasza Socha-Chyrzynski
  • Harriet Springbett
  • Ralph Spurrier
  • Heike Stöhr
  • Emm Stumm
  • Sumia Sukkar
  • Jean-Chat Tekgyozyan
  • Ira Trivedi
  • Valeria Vescina
  • Tracey Warr
  • Małgorzata Maja Warda
  • Jakub Żulczyk
  • Malou Berlin
  • Gabriella Falana
  • Johanna Liebl


For all submissions applies:
We give everyone a chance.
Quality is the key!

In the literature section, we are looking for your fictional manuscripts.

For example: novels, crime and mystery, fantasy, romance, humour, women’s fiction, historical, young adults.

For film and series, we look forward to your expressive fictional and non-fictional material.

Please remember that we have to place your entries in the given markets.

What we, unfortunately, can’t accept are children’s books, poetry or short stories.


If you want to send us your material, please do so via email only.

You can submit your work to: 
manuscript (at) semmelblond (dot) com.

We require the following information (in English or German) about your book/script to have you as a client and to be able to do our best for all partners:

We need to know:

  • which agency, producer or publisher you have already offered your book/script to.
  • the full name, date of birth, address, E-Mail address and short CV of the author.

Please also submit the following:

For books

  • title and genre of the story.
  • exposé (max. 5 pages).
  • an extract or alternatively the first two chapters of the book (20-50 pages).
  • detailed description of the main characters.
  • unique selling point (USP) of your book (max. 3 sentences).

For screenplays

  • title and genre of the story.
  • pitch of the script (max. 3 sentences).
  • synopsis (your story on one page in A4 format) and treatment (20-30 pages).
  • detailed description of the main characters and one dialogue.
  • unique selling point (USP) of your script (max. 3 sentences).

We operate on a commission basis, so you are only charged if we successfully find a buyer for your work, in which case a commission fee of the industry-standard will apply.

We review every request – however, if you have not heard back from us three months after sending in your material, please consider us not interested.


Book Genres That Made the Most Money / USA

$ 0.1 B
Romance / Erotica
$ 200 M
Crime / Mystery
$ 2 M
Religious / Inspirational
$ 130 M
Science Fiction / Fantasy
… you can use statistics as a guide but better write what you love to write!


Semmelblond Script Agency

manuscript (at) semmelblond (dot) com

General enquiries:
sb (at) semmelblond (dot) com

If you want to contact us for the first time, please do so via E-Mail only.

Before you submit any of your work to us, we suggest you read the information on our submissions page.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to send back any documents sent to us via post.